Past Events

Greater Manchester Healthcare Academy have run a fantastic selection of events for Greater Manchester Pharmacists and Pharmacy Teams on a variety of different topics. Please click on the event titles below to open up a one page summary of the event.


Salford Transfer of Care

Healthy Living Pharmacy Champions

“Jane did an amazing job in explaining in detail the Healthy Living Champion role and the benefits for our community and empowered me to make a real difference”




NMS and Oral Health Campaign

Healthy Living Pharmacy Champions

“A brilliant platform to learn about pharmacy practice and create networks with fellow professionals”


Oral Health Campaign Dental/Pharmacy Workshop

“Really nice to see dentist tell us how we can support patients together. Learnt a lot of information from each other”


Eye Health

Your Team - A Valuable Resource

Breast Cancer Campaign

“Very useful and informative. Helpful for the future of pharmacy”